My statement is me. I’m still standing

My statement is me. I’m still standing. Easily I could be gone by a bullet, beating, lynching, by, by, by

1619 ..enslaved, confined by Jim Crow, sharecropper sweat, feed and saved by the red clay
Always chocked by the color of the skin I’m in/Red/Black/Brown/ other.

My statement is me..I’m still standing. Handcuffed at 8 in 100-degree heat, running in the east Texas plowed fields, shot at told if you keep running nigger I’ll blow your head off.

In the dust, mud, asphalt, sand, I’m still standing. My statement is me.

Father beaten/mother shackled/brothers coming to the rescue to put their on beat down.

Pulled over for driving to slow/fast/too Black/too nice car/hands on your head/sit on the curb.

Breakfast/ cold half raw bacon.

Wait you can’t vote, pay your poll tax/you can’t vote you are a felon.

Do your time for a crime you did not commit

No job, no vote no hope

My statement is me/I’m still standing/Take my land, kill my food/rape my women/call me a savage/a thug/cut my ponytail/try to make me white/however I’m Black, I’m Red, I’m Brown, I’m other

I am still standing for all of my sisters and Brothers. Black Lives Matter.
My statement is me.